Community Planning Grants

NH Planner-Palooza, a unique two-part all-day event on November 7 presented by New Hampshire Housing and the New Hampshire Planners Association. Attendees will learn about successes and lessons learned from the NH Community Planning Grant Program in the morning (the morning is free, but registration is required) and then have the opportunity to attend NHPA's Annual Meeting and professional development sessions in the afternoon (payment and registration is required for the afternoon). Continental breakfast and a full buffet lunch will be served followed by informal (and optional) networking at the Barley House.

Register for one or both events here: portions of the day will be held at the Holiday Inn in Concord.  Agenda:

8:30am to 12pm: Morning CPG Event (free, but registration is required):

Planning for Change in New Hampshire's Communities

Through a series of 46 grants for planning implementation, the NH Community Planning Grant (CPG) Program provided municipalities with the resources to fulfill the creative vision of their master plans by developing innovative zoning and other land use regulations. Hear about the successes and lessons learned in the CPG program and be inspired with a renewed sense of what you can do in your own community to address the forces of change. Among the topics covered will be form-based codes, mixed use zoning, and overlays for workforce housing.

Consultants Jeff Taylor and Karen Fitzgerald will lead the discussion and introduce some of the CPG case studies they’ve prepared, then you’ll hear from some of the communities about their projects.  We’ll also present some of the materials that we’ve developed in CPG during the past three years, including guidebooks on Fair Housing Law, a new chapter in the Innovative Land Use Handbook addressing Neighborhood Heritage Districts, and a series of educational briefs that provide an introduction to important planning topics.

12pm to 4:15pm: Afternoon NHPA Event (payment and registration required):

  • 12:15pm – 1:00pm Buffet Lunch
  • 1:00pm – 1:45pm   NHPA Annual Meeting
  • 2:00pm – 4:15pm   Professional Development Sessions (in sequence, so you can attend both!)

Getting InVESTED: A roundtable dedicated to helping planners understand vested rights in New Hampshire

Ari Pollack, President & Shareholder, Gallagher Callahan & Gartrell
Peter Loughlin, Attorney at Law
Stephen Buckley, Legal Services Counsel, NH Municipal Association
Chris Boldt, Partner, Donahue Tucker & Ciandella

Vested rights help protect developers and property owners from future changes in land use and zoning regulations. But when exactly does a development become vested and what limits have New Hampshire courts placed on vested rights? Using a series of theoretical scenarios, this roundtable will explore both statutory and case law to help planners understand the applicability and scope of vested rights in the Granite State. Tim Corwin, NHPA’s Legislative Liaison, will moderate a panel of legal experts to help provide planners a strong foundation in this often confusing area of the law.

The Claremont Comeback: Claremont’s economic resurgence and lessons for other rural economies

Nancy Merrill, Planning and Development Director, City of Claremont
Mike McCrory, Senior Planner, Upper Valley Lake Sunapee RPC

Once struggling, The City of Claremont today is posting impressive economic gains – both employment and wage growth are exceeding the state average – and Downtown Claremont is coming back to life. With concern mounting regarding the future of many rural economies across the country, this session will explore what investments and other tools Claremont has utilized to improve its economic and social vitality and ensure its long-term sustainability.

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